What Is A Hedge Trimmer?

What is a Hedge Trimmer

Everywhere we look around we can see trees, flowers, plants, and greenery. Even at our homes, everyone has at least a small plant or a shrub to look after. Nevertheless, plants equate to happiness and liveliness.

In addition, even as per scientific research and study; it has been proven that people who live with plants have a more organized and happier lifestyle. Thus, it is suitable to keep plants in your surroundings and encourage others to do the same.

However, to be surrounded by plants and greenery means maintaining it too. This is where a hedge trimmer comes in. If you are into gardening, you must be wondering what a hedge trimmer is? A hedge trimmer is a gardening tool that is used to trim shrubs, plants and similar greenery.

Moreover, this machine is simple to use, and it is easy to learn how to use a hedge trimmer. Also, after browsing through this article, you will be able to understand the detailed functions and features of a hedge trimmer. So, read further and learn about what is a hedge trimmer.

What is a hedge trimmer?

This is an uncommon name so most of you might not have heard or read about this much. However, if you break this word down and think about it, it is quite simple. As stated in the name, its meaning is quite literal: hedge trimmer.

Anyhow, before pondering upon the detailed explanation of a hedge trimmer, it is important to learn about a basic trimmer for plants. These trimmers serve the same purpose as any other trimmer; they cut off the excess parts of shrubs.

Therefore, a hedge trimmer is used to trim hedges. As defined in the dictionary a hedge is a fence or a boundary formed by closely growing bushes or shrubs. After reading this, you must have been able to understand that the trimmer is essential to keep the hedge in shape.

What is a hedge clipper?

Similar to a hedge trimmer, a hedge clipper is used for the same purpose. Hedge clippers look like a pair of scissors, only bigger in size. Thus, both these tools can be used irreplaceably to fulfill the same goal.

Moreover, some people find it easier to use hedge clippers as they feel it is safer. However, this only the results of research and it may differ from person to person.

Hedge Trimmer vs. Hedge Clipper

Hedge trimmers are motorized and do not require any manual strength to run it. On the other hand, hedge clippers require only human strength to run. This is the reason why hedge trimmers work faster than hedge clippers. However, hedge trimmers are not environment-friendly which hedge clippers are. Lastly, hedge clippers are much cheaper than hedge trimmers.

Features of a Hedge Trimmer

How To Use a Hedge Trimmer

1. Warranty: A good guarantee tells you that the manufacturer is standing by their product and that you shouldn’t have too many problems.
2. Cordless: A cordless electrical hedge trimmer is easier to use, allowing you to go further out of the house as you work without any problems.
3. Dual Switches: To use the hedge trimmer, dual switches require both hands, which increase safety.
4. Off Lock: An off lock reduces the risk of someone turning on the hedge trimmer accidentally and is especially recommended for anyone with children in the house.
5. On lock: An on lock makes the trimmer easier to use for long periods of time, as you don’t have to hold down the trigger all the time.
6. Wraparound Handle: A wraparound handle makes the hedge trimmer easier to hold while you are working.
7. Tooth Extensions: Tooth extensions place more distance between the blades of the hedge trimmer and your body, reducing the risk of being cut.

Factors to consider when buying hedge trimmers

  •  Power: The power level you need depends entirely on the types of hedges you’re going to trim, their size, and how much power you’re wielding comfortably.
  • Blade Types: The two main issues to be aware of when it comes to your blades(other than the length that is) are the distance between the blade teeth and whether your blades are single or double-sided.
  •  Weight: Heavy hedge trimmers are more difficult to hold aloft and can quickly wear out even experienced users, but they tend to be stronger. Lighter models, in general, will be much easier and safer to use, especially for anyone new to use a hedge trimmer.
  •  Cost: The main things you’re going to pay a premium for with hedge trimmers are higher power and greater convenience. Corded, lightweight models that are best suited for simpler jobs will be the most affordable hedge trimmers.
  •  Length: Hedge trimmers come with a range of lengths of blades. Longer ones can make it easier for you to trim your hedges evenly, or if you work in a tight space, they can be difficult to manage and unfavorable.
  •  Safety: There is nothing to take lightly with high-powered blades. Anyone new to using a hedge trimmer should be careful to follow all instructions carefully with a lightweight model with good safety features. Even those who have been using hedge trimmers for years should be careful not to become complacent and always be careful when using the blades.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, keeping in mind the features and factors to consider which purchasing a hedge trimmer, the best hedge trimmer is Dewalt DCHT820B 20 V Max Hedge Trimmer manufactured by bare tools.

Moreover, reading further reviews of hedge trimmers will allow you to understand which one is suitable for your own purposes. Finally, we hope you were able to gather ample knowledge of what is a hedge trimmer by going through this article.

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