Makita Hedge Trimmer Reviews

Makita Hedge Trimmer Reviews

Makita Hedge Trimmer: QUICK OVERVIEW



​Ease of use


​What ​We ​Like​

  • Handle is rotating
  • ​Very comfortable to use
  • ​Made up of good quality
  • ​Blades can be removed and replaced
  • Light gets switched on when the battery is low
  • Long battery run

What We Don't Like

  • Larger branches can't be cut with this tool
  • ​Does have a soft grip

Makita is an experienced and-genuine device organization that manufactures many diverse devices for professionals. The Makita fence trimmer uses two 18-volt 5.0Ah batteries to control the brushed engine and has a runtime of little more than 60 minutes. In this article, we will provide you with Makita hedge trimmer reviews to help you buy the best trimmer.

The Makita support trimmer has a turning or rotating, handle to make cutting overhead and sideways substantially more comfortable. However, its edge configuration doesn’t enable the bigger branches to make it into the cutting zone. The Makita had the most limited cutting teeth of any in our test, yet it likewise had the longest trimmer, at almost 26-inches.

The Makita Tool is a cordless trimmer that is controlled by a battery-powered 18-volt lithium particle battery.

It can keep running as long as 75 minutes on a single charge.

This model is up to 25 percent calmer when compared to other trimmers in a similar category. This ensures that your family and neighbors will not complain.

Who is this Product for?

This product is for all the people whether you are an owner who wants to maintain the garden or professionals involved in garden scarping.

What’s Included?

• (1) 18V LXT® 22" Hedge Trimmer (XHU02Z)
• (1) 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion 4.0Ah Battery (BL1840B)
• (1) 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion Rapid Optimum Charger (DC18RC)
• (1) Blade Cover

Overview of Features

Makita Hedge Trimmer

This feature from Makita highlights an efficient and comfortable structure to enable comfort while using. It has some extremely beneficial safety alternatives, including a two-hand held plan and light notices for a diminishing battery. The cutting edge length is 22 inches, and the trimmer weighs less than eight pounds making it simple to move. It is very light when compared with other models.

How to use Makita Hedge Trimmer?

Place the unit on the ground taking consideration that the cutting tool does not come into contact with the ground or some other articles. You would also need to keep enough distance from the refueling point.

1) Set this machine on a level space.

2) Set the I-O switch (1) to OPERATION.

3) Primer Pump

Keep on pushing the siphon until fuel goes into the preliminary siphon. (In General, fuel goes into the preliminary siphon within 7 to 10 pushes.) If the preliminary siphon is pushed more than what is required, a bulk of the fuel comes back to the fuel tank.


If you are not satisfied with Makita, you can also try Tanaka, as it is one of the best hedge trimmers, mainly because it can handle the hardest trimming tasks. It can cut through hedges, weeds, and trees. It fits with a blade length of 24 inches. To have a smoother and comfortable start it has its S Star technology and bulb. It has a two-cycle engine with a commercial grade of 21.1cc and also has a forward facing exhaust. It also has a commercial grade blade with reverse cutting technology. The best part about this is it has a 5 Position rear handle. It is one of the best trimmers for tough trimming tasks.

Final Verdict

In Makita hedge trimmer review, various features are highlighted – consolidating power, less vibration, the comfort of being cordless, etc. It is part of Makita’s growing 18-Volt LXT setup, the biggest cordless apparatus line-up, fueled by 18-Volt Lithium-Ion battery. The Makita 18-Volt LXT battery has the quickest charge time in its classification. It takes less time to charge and more time to work. It is quite a good product to buy. However, ensure you go through all the features before purchase and use it after reading the manual.


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