Is It Time to Buy A New Hedge Trimmer?

How to Sharpen Hedge Trimmer Blades

What does it mean when a hedge trimmer stops working?

A hedge trimmer has many names: shrub trimmer, bush trimmer, etc. but they all serve the same purpose. Anyhow, their one and only main purpose it to trim hedges or shrubs. However, there are many different designs and versions of hedge trimmers that exist.

Over time, hedge trimmers tend to stop working as efficiently as before. Most of the times, it is because the blade has become less sharp. On the contrary, this does not mean that you must step out and buy a new one, there are many ways to fix it.

For instance, sharpening a hedge trimmer blade is not a difficult task and it can be done at home. By reading this article, you will be able to understand how to sharpen hedge trimmer blades.

Moreover, the materials it requires are basic and easy to find. In the article below, you will find simple ways in which you can sharpen your hedge trimmer blades and save a ton of money. Thus, it is not always that when a hedge trimmer stops working, the product has gone bad entirely.

What are the tools required to sharpen a hedge trimmer blade?

• Filer
• Sharpening stone

Either of these two tools can be used to sharpen a hedge trimmer blade. Also, both of them give the same results. Thus, it is better to use the tool which is easily available and convenient for your use.

Steps to sharpen a hedge trimmer blade

These are the steps that should be followed in order to successfully sharpen your hedge trimmer blades.

1. Get leather gloves or rubber gloves. Also, make sure that your workspace is clean and tidy. Sharpening a hedge trimmer blade should begin with safety. Since you will be working with sharp tools, it is important to be equipped with safety material to prevent any harm that can be caused.

2. Firstly, to make sure the hedge trimmer is sharpened properly, it is crucial to align both sides of the blades together. Further, this can be done by running the trimmer briefly a few times till the top blades are perfectly aligned with the bottom blades. Align the blades of the hedge trimmer.

3. Many people may have cordless hedge trimmers blades since one of the most common hedge trimmers is the best battery hedge trimmer ‘DEWALT DCHT820B Cordless hedge trimmer’. Moreover, if you own a cordless hedge trimmer the next step is to remove the batteries. This is a crucial step as in the process of sharpening the trimmer, one might accidentally push the button and cut a finger. Since safety is important, this step is one of the most curial ones. Remove the battery (Only for cordless trimmers).

4. The next step is to clean the hedge trimmer blades. This will help remove any plant debris, dirt or mud that might be stuck on to the blades. This can be done using a brush or a cloth. Clean the hedge trimmer.

Clean Hedge Trimmer Blades

5. After this, you must get your file (steel) to sharpen the blades. The file should be angled with the blades, and its movement should be a downside. This step should be repeated for each tooth of the blade. However, it is important to stroke each tooth around 10 to 15 times to achieve the best results. You can also sharpen clipper blades with aluminum foil to improve the results. File the blades (Repeat for each tooth).

6. Wipe the blade with a rag after finishing the process. This will get rid of any extra bits that are still stuck on to your blade. Wipe the blade with a rag.

7. After finishing all of the above, take a rag and apply some oil on it to grease it. This will create a protective layer on the blade. Moreover, this will also prevent the blade from rusting. Oil the blade.

The same process can be repeated with a sharpening stone or a burr. The results will be the same for any tool used. Anyhow, some individuals find it easier to use a file as it is comfortable to work with it. Also, it does work much quicker and smoother manner. Thus, it depends on you which tool you would like to use.

Final Verdict

All in all, before throwing away a hedge trimmer for its uselessness, you can revive it by sharpening its blades. Hedge trimmer blades are easy to sharpen, and it can be done at home easily.

Also, the tools required are basic tools that are readily available at mechanic stores. In conclusion, while performing such tasks it is of high importance to stay safe, thus precaution must be used.

Thus, it is simple to understand how to sharpen hedge trimmer blades, but at the same time, you must be safe while doing such tasks.

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