How to Sharpen Hedge Clippers?

How to Sharpen Hedge Clippers

Are you looking for how to sharpen hedge clippers then we must say that you are in the right place? This article will guide you with the ways through which you can sharpen the hedge clipper.

What are Hedge Clippers?

Simply put, hedge clippers have a quite literal meaning. They are used to trim hedges. Allow me to elaborate on that; hedge clippers are used to trim hedges in order to keep them in shape.

Furthermore, as described in the dictionary hedge clippers is a tool that resembles a large pair of scissors, used for cutting back bushes, shrubs, and hedges. Moreover, hedge clippers are basic tools that are required for the maintenance of your garden.

In continuation, every home that has plants around it owns a hedge clipper. Even if the tool is not exactly a hedge trimmer it is to be used for the purpose of gardening and cutting the leaves and/or branches of a tree and/or plant.

When do You Sharpen Hedge Clippers?

Hedge clippers are similar to a pair of scissors, which means that eventually, their sharpness reduces. For obvious reasons, you do not have to sharpen these tools every day.

However, for improved efficiency and work results, it is important that one sharpens these clippers regularly.

Furthermore, setting a schedule for sharpening your clippers once in a month or once in two months will ensure that the Clippers last for longer.

Furthermore, many a time, people tend to throw out their clippers since it does not cut well. Nevertheless, by following the steps mentioned in the article, you can increase the life span of your hedge clippers.

Using a File to Sharpen Hedge Clippers

The best and easiest way to sharpen hedge clippers is by using a metal file. Also, this is a safe method as it does not involve much of fancy machinery and carpentry tools.

Tools You Will Need

  • A pair of Leather gloves or rubber gloves
  • One Rag/ Soft cloth
  •  A pair of Safety goggles
  •  Greasy Oil in a suitable quantity
  •  One Brittle Brush
  •  One steel File
  •  One box socket wrench (check for size as per your pair of hedge clippers)

How can you Sharpen Hedge Clippers?

Steps to sharpen electric hedge clippers:

1. Get your hedge clippers

2. Check the pivot nut to see if the blade joining the handles is tight. It is essential that the blades are aligned with each other. At this stage, it is important to notice if the blades are able to cut even a piece of paper. If they are unable to do so, go to the next step. Otherwise, check the screw once again and make sure it is tightened correctly. Check once again and repeat as many times as required.

3. Wear leather gloves and safety goggles. In case you cannot find leather gloves, rubber gloves can be used as a substitute as they serve the same purpose. It is essential to wear these items as they are safety precautions. When working with a sharp object such as files and clipper blades, safety is a must. Therefore, you also must clear your workspace before proceeding to the next stepHow to Sharpen Hedge Clippers


4. Clean the debris and rust off the blades. Using the bristle brush, you must clean the blades. This step will make sure that the blades are sharpened evenly and properly. Moreover, rubbing it with a soft cloth will also help assure that all the excess dust has been cleared and the hedge clippers are clean.

5. Sharpen the blades with a steel file. To find the original level at the edge, examine the blades. Pass the mill file on each blade with long slow strokes, from the tip of the file to the base, with the blades completely separated. Start at each blade’s handle and go to the end. Check your thumb ball’s sharpness against the blade with light pressure.

6. Once you are finished with step number 5, run a cloth over the blades to check if there are any extra burrs in the metal. If there are any, the cloth will snap. In this case, you must re-file those areas and get rid of those burrs. Repeat this step as many times as required.

7. Pour some lightweight, low-density oil onto a soft tissue. To lubricate and protect them from rust and corrosion, wipe them all over the surfaces of both blades. Overall, you must lightly oil the sharp blades.

These steps can be used to sharpen power hedge clippers with a file. Overall, since using a file is the best method to sharpen a pair of hedge clippers with you can use this method even for the best corded hedge trimmers.

Final Verdict

All in all, it should be noted that while working with metal or any other sharp objects, safety is the most important factor. Therefore, gloves and safety eyewear are a must and should be followed all the time.

Furthermore, after reading this article how to sharpen hedge clippers might seem like an easy task. However, for technical reasons, it is best advised that these tasks should only be performed by professionals.

In conclusion, one must understand that it is better to sharpen hedge clippers than buy a new pair.


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